TUMC Garden Ministry

In 2021 given the rapid rising cost of living we at TUMC saw the need to help people with lower incomes by providing garden vegetables to those who could use it. Out of that started a garden ministry where those interested would choose a crop from a list of common vegetables to plant, care for and harvest to provide food for those less fortunate who could make use of it.


Our ministry started with three 4ft x 12ft raised bed gardens and currently has grown to twenty five garden beds. Our ministry currently has eight gardeners who plant, cultivate and harvest their own garsen bed(s.) We raise a variety of vegetables including potatoes, beans, okra, bell peppers, onions, peas, tomatoes, carrots, greens, beets and squash. We also grow dahlias that are used to bring a smile to those who are feeling down and maybe need a little cheering up.


We currently provide vegetable produce thru Tri-State Food Bank, Lookout Pointe Senior Apartments, thru a help program at Dade County School System and to other needy families as we are able to recognize the need. Each week as we harvest our crops, our friends from Orange Grove Center very graciously deliver the produce to the selected outlet for that week. That alone is a blessing in it self.


At the beginning of growing season we ask our Lord to bless our garden and to bless our efforts and he does just that. Because of that we feel that our ministry has grown to be quite successful. Now, as we are able to see how our efforts are paying off by the help of the Lord, we look forward with anticipation of how many people we will be able to bless as we receive a blessing in return. Thank you Lord!