What is the Fish Project?

The Fish Project provides sack lunches that needy children can take home over the weekend.

It is sponsored by United Methodist Women at Trenton United Methodist Church and Slygo United Methodist Church.


When did the Fish Project start?

The program was announced on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 with the unveiling of the big papier-mâché fish.

The delivery of lunches began with the 2010/2011 school year.


How are the children selected?

The teachers at the elementary school decide who needs a lunch.


What’s in a typical lunch?

• Small carton of shelf milk

• Juice box

• Granola bar

• Peanut butter and crackers or macaroni and cheese

• Fruit cup

• Kid-size entrée item.  The entrée is typically a small can of beef stew, chili, soup or pasta.

• Sometimes a treat (e.g. Little Debbie, Cheetos, etc.)


 Where does the food come from?

• Primarily from the purchases from Chattanooga Area Food Bank

• Occasionally from store purchases


Where does the Financial Support come from?

• United Methodist Women fund raisers

• TUMC special offerings

• Direct donations


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