In 1830 William Killian moved with family from McMinnville, Tennessee and settled about one mile north of Trenton. There were a few scattered Cherokee Indian cabins, but the only other white family as that of Mr. Tanner. Soon, the Morgan, Miller, Pace, Brock, Taylor, Morrison and Tatum families arrived.


Preachers began to come from Tennessee to preach in the cabins. Thus, the church was here when Dade County was created December 25, 1837.


The first church building was a community church deeded to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In 1875, James A. Case donated land for the building of a Methodist Church. A large one-room church was built beyond the railroad track east of the square. It was dedicated in 1883. Unfortunately, the church burned sometime after 1925.


Our next church building, still used as a chapel for special occasions, was constructed in 1931 on land donated by William Gross. Once again, members and friends of the congregation erected the new church, many of whom were descendants of the trace original pioneers.


A parsonage was built on the church lot at the corner of First Street and AMin Avenue in 1943. Trenton became a station in 1950 after having been on a circuit with Byrd's Chapel, Cave Springs, Rising Fawn and Sulphur Springs. The educational building, consisting of five church school rooms and a fellowship hall, was erected in 1956.


A parsonage was purchased on Oriole Circle in 1986. The old parsonage became the Annex of the church to be used for Sunday school classes, united Methodist Women's meetings, Scout meetings, etc.


September, 1996 ushered in an exciting new phase on our church's life. We had our groundbreaking ceremony for the new gym, kitchen, office space and classrooms. Again through tremendous Congregational support, we were able in November, 1997, to have the dedication of this Family Life Center.


In 2001, we purchased the city block directly behind the church. Through the diligent work of the parents and youth, the block building was completely renovated and used for youth meetings. More recently it has become space for our offices, the food pantry and our Cornerstone ministry.


Easter Sunday, 2004, was our first Sunday in the beautiful 500 seat sanctuary on the corner of E. First Street  and Main. In 2005, the kitchen, fellowship and educational areas in the new church were finished. In the fall of 2006, our parking was expanded by the completion of the E. First Street parking area.


We go forward from 2007 into the new year with the hope that God will employ us in ways that make His mercy and glory known in the place and time in which we are called to serve.

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