Officers of Trenton United Methodist Church Church Council for 2020


Administrative Leaders

Council Chair: Gary Moore

Lay Leader: Jimmy Reeves

SPRC Chair: Donna Street

Chair, Finance Committee: Lionel Austin

Trustees Chair:

Church Treasurer: Ashley Clark

Lay Member to Annual Conference: Jean Wheeler

Recording Secretary: Jan Myers Smith

Pastor: Dennis Flaugher

Membership Secretary: Sharon Morris

Historian: Donna Street

Program Staff: Andy Kidd, Emily Hall, Dottie Abercrombie



Leadership Groups

Board of Trustees: (Must be composed of at least one third women, and at least one third men; non- members may serve so long as a majority are UM) 2020: Gary Moore, Steve Richeson, Lorraine Fox 2021: Candy Castleberry, Darlene Rogers, Steven Ryan 2022: Donnie Williams, Doug Wheeler

Byrd’s Chapel Cemetery trustees (listed for information only): Heather Chance, Mary Elizabeth Holdaway, Ercylene Prince, Gene “Peewee” Payne

Maintenance Team: David Fox, Leader Members: Jimmy Reeves, Jason Monday, Donnie Williams, Ron Finley, Mark Fauscett

Staff/Parish Relations Committee 2020: Rena Hammond, Chris Johnson, Mark Cash 2021: Carrie Morris, Jennifer Taylor, Debbie Clayton 2022: Donna Street (Chair), Connie Webb, Robin Rogers Ex Officio: Lay Leader, lay member to AC

Nominations and Leadership Development Team: 2020: Jane Anne Austin, Randy Hall, Shari Komm 2021: Alan Morris, Lisa Taylor, Andrew Holdaway 2022: Sandy Pullen, Hope Monday, Linda Jo Smith Lay Leader

Finance Committee: Chair: Lionel Austin Lay Member to Annual Conference: Jean Wheeler Church Council Chair: Heather Chance Reese Griffen, Stewardship Treasurer: Vacant Jimmy Reeves, Lay Leader SPRC: Donna Street Trustees: Phillip Street Financial Secretary: Jan Smith

Congregational Care Committee: Chair, Sharon Finley Bereavement Response Team: Dottie Abercrombie, In-Home Communion: Frank Klaase Visitation: Linda Jo Smith, Gary Moore, Brad Scott Coordinators of Prayer Life: June Reeves, Dee Peacock

Certified Lay Ministers: Darren Herring—preaching, leading worship Jan Smith—counseling


Ministry Areas

Missions/Benevolence Triad: Jeanette Hering, Laura Cureton Cross, Steve Richeson

Education Coordinator: Kalem Clark

Worship Triad: Dottie Abercrombie, Jan Myers, Heather Chance

Welcome Ministry Coordinator: Linda Greene

Christ-Group (C-Group) Coordinator: Julie Williams

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